About Us

At the gates of Florence, against a breathtaking backdrop along the Arno River, the MondoRose greenhouse invites you to visit its vast collection.

  • Bare root and container roses
  • Shipping to all of Italy
  • Pruning and gardening courses
  • Garden designs and landscaping
  • Presence in national flower exhibitions
  • Laboratories for children

Cecilia Lucchesi

I take care of a lot of things, and know everything that’s going on, because in small-large greenhouses, like ours – small space-wise, but large when it comes to endeavor and passion – everything must be reviewed carefully, considered and researched. I am not involved in the administrative side, because my husband, Arnaud, does this, among other things, with precision and punctuality.
The activities I carry out are mostly linked to planning greenhouse activities: from the study of the collections to the organization of courses and events like, for example, Vivaio Porte Aperte (Greenhouse Open Doors), to dealing with the press and communication in general. I love experimenting with plants and have been recently carrying out the sowing of the rose seeds and other flowers that are native to the Tuscan hillside.

Arnaud Duquennoy
I am the ‘boss’, as my staff call me, but jokingly, because MondoRose is a place where everyone collaborates and respects each other. I’m very proud of this, and anyone we have had the pleasure of welcoming to our greenhouse knows this for a fact. I carry out many roles in the greenhouse, and, like Cecilia, I know exactly what is going on in the different areas. I deal mostly with the productive, organizational and logistic side of the greenhouse. Once the collection has been decided, I organize the reproduction, which I do using bud grafting or cutting techniques. I monitor the progress of the staff during the greenhouse phase of production; I hold courses on the pruning, growing and conservation of the roses; I design and landscape gardens. I’m quite the handyman, and a whiz at finding efficient technical solutions to problems. I take care of administration, both everyday and unexpected. I love going from theory to practice: it gives me great satisfaction.
From the drafted design of a garden to the creation itself.

Marco Scarsella
Florentine by adoption, I became an official “member of the family” when I became Cecilia’s and Arnaud’s partner: the high point of my love for plants and nature. Along with Arnaud, I take care of production and plant health. I am responsible for maintaining the gardens under our care, and in spring and autumn represent the greenhouse at flower fairs. My greatest passion is trekking, which I do any time I get a chance, and which keeps me in tune with the nature I so love.

The staff
Francescco Hoffman, the philosopher
Paolo Cresci, the technician
Vincenzo, alchemist and handyman
These three men, who carry out interchangeable roles, monitor every phase of the greenhouse, from production to sales. Some are best with customers, some with plants, some with attention to watering and the overall running of the structure.
But it is without doubt that they form a special staff for a special greenhouse.

At the gates of Florence, against a breathtaking backdrop along the Arno River, the MondoRose greenhouse invites you to visit our vast collection of over 500 varieties of roses: collectors’ ancient, standard, English and modern roses.

The greenhouse
A hectare of greenhouse taken up entirely by plants: 5 huge greenhouses, one of which is heated for the placing of roughly 5000 re- potted plants in the period that goes from December to February. Two vast sectors, organized in rows, are outside for those plants that can grow in various climatic conditions, for example old roses, standard roses, and modern shrubs, climbing roses, uprights, and the Hybrid Moschata (or Musk), for a total of 10,000 plants (ERRORE IN ITALIANO SUL NUMERO) In the entrance adjacent to the parking lot, we find an English style garden with mixed borders, displays of rose bushes, climbing roses, and perennial grasses and herbaceous plants. The artificial lake in which the water from the sprinklers and hoses is collected is entirely surrounded by climbing plants, and, in the damper areas, willows (salix) used for twining and binding.
In the area along the Arno River, between the small vegetable garden and the park, there are five rose shrubs, parent plants used for reproduction.
On old beds used for the gathering of the nearby olives, we find perennial grasses. Reproduction using grafts takes place outside, while that using cuttings takes place inside one of the bigger greenhouses.